By Anonymous - / Thursday 13 September 2018 23:30 /
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By  bankingbaker  |  14

some bosses are such asses

By  yeongji  |  29

If he does fire everyone, or start firing one at a time, everyone should leave together. Let him deal with the mess of having to hire and train everyone on his own.


Today, I was late for a medical school seminar and test. An SUV flipped over on the highway right in front of me. I held pressure to gushing, lacerated artery until EMS arrived. He lived, but I might have to repeat the whole year because I missed a big test. The test? Emergency response medicine. FML

By doctorchick - / Wednesday 12 August 2009 00:58 / United States

Today, I watched from my office window as a couple maneuvered their car to squash a dead pigeon flat on the road. I then watched as they got out of the car, set up tripods and started taking photos of it. FML

By JenniferMay - / Tuesday 14 October 2014 10:35 / United Kingdom
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