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So, is it summer or what?  Can we get on with it now? It is June after all. I've got my jorts out, let me strut my stuff down the street and get my t-shirt wet from a fire hydrant or something. Anyway, enough whining about the heat, let's co...
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So, is it summer or what?  Can we get on with it now? It is June after all. I've got my jorts out, let me strut my stuff down the street and get my t-shirt wet from a fire hydrant or something. Anyway, enough whining about the heat, let's concentrate on this week's jungle-themed illustration. It's plenty hot enough in the jungle. Yes, there's a tenous link in there somewhere and I'm going to go with that. Let's meet this week's bright young artist!


"I don't really have a hero because I'm already basically perfect and I'm a princess." 

Self-portrait, Léna by Léna

OK, I'll admit it: this week I was on holiday. Yes, sometimes I take short breaks. I need to take time to get away from the hustle and bustle of FML so I can recharge my batteries, find the true meaning of life, get in touch with the real me, all that horseshit. Anyway, I return after a few days away, and nothing has moved. The pens are all in the same place, the cat is still laying on the keyboard... So, let me pour a stiff drink and introduce this week's artist. 

So, who are you? “My name is Léna, but I'm better known on social networks as Skyechu. I got this from the name Skye which I stole from a game, to which I added 'chu', it's an affectionate nickname that I decided to keep." So, that's that. She's quite young when compared to the illustrators I usually receive in this neck of the woods (she turned 17 on the 2nd of June, so a belated Happy Birthday to her) ans she lives in the Paris area in France. She's created a wild illustrated FML for us, and even created a fake magazine cover to go with it (in French, as all fashion magazines are). Nice work, and we appreciate her going that extra mile just for us. You can also check out other examples of her work here and there. When I was 17, I was only just learning how to badly play the guitar and annoy people (which I'm still good at I suppose), so seeing Léna so talented at such a young age is filling me with hope for her future, she probably won't end up like me, stuck in a small flat, with two cats, annoyed at the world, with bad B.O., no particular talents, certainly not a talent for writing blog articles, naked, addicted to Big Brother UK and... OK OK, I've said too much about my own life, it's become depressing now. 

Speaking of life, what's Léna's like? “I'm in high-school, in the year before last, in a scientific-maths class. I'm an average student, and I'm trying my hardest to get into art school after I graduate, if I do graduate, huhu." Wait, what? "Average"? "If I do graduate, huhu"? Léna, do you REALLY want me to come round with my friends from the art school to boot you around the playground until you get your ass into gear? What sort of attitude is that? Nah, that won't do. Then again, who am I to judge? I used to sit in the middle row of the class and just coast, waiting for the bell to go. After graduation, Léna is going to go on an illustration upgrade course, then choose between either graphic design or illustration diplomas. So, she has projects then. And after that? She wants to "publish a series of childrens books" for 3 to 6 year olds, illustrated the same way as her FML, with animals. She's already done one to teach colors, and hopes to do one next year about the alphabet and the world.

As for her drawing style, she reckons she lacks maybe a few "details" and knowledge of "her" anatomy. These are usually essential to make a character life-like, but in her case it gives her drawings a certain naive charm, and this quaint appeal will no doubt grow once she masters the few kinks in her style. We should keep an eye on her work! 

When asked which artists she likes, she mentions Charlène Tabary, alias Chane “who makes really nice watercolor illustrations”, and in general, her life revolves around her boyfriend (who she mentions a lot during the course of the interview, so he's a lucky guy), shortbread (the scottish biscuit things), a few video games (most notably MMOs and League of Legends), "animals and the color pink". Her passion: "drawing and maybe singing very badly". OK, but we'll avoid that last part though. She reckons that she has no flaws because she's a princess. Hey, so am I. YES I AM. She says she's arachnophobic, but most sane people are, aren't they? It's quite rational to see all spiders as being 3 feet tall. It's safer.

How about something you really liked recently to end the article? “I mostly watch animated movies and I must say that the latest thing I really enjoyed was a song from 'Frozen' (which I really didn't enjoyed by the way) called ‘Love is an Open Door” So, thanks to magic internet, we can share it with our internet friends so they can decide for themselves. We thank Léna for taking part, we liked your illustrated FML. The offer to come and boot your ass into gear, that was a joke of course. I mention that in case our friends from the NSA and the FBI are back on my case. They've already been in touch about my repeated requests to be sent Jack Daniel's stocks in exchange for mentioning them over and over (never worked, though). Next week it's another illustrator joining us for another illustrated FML. Until then, be excellent to each other, and remember to wish your Dad a happy Father's Day on sunday, he deserves it after having put up with your crap for so many years. Take care. Oh, and and maybe I'll mention the World Cup next week. Maybe. 

What about you? Think you've got talent and want to contribute to the illustrated FML? Send us an email to [email protected] but only send us your blog's address and a few samples of your work. No need to create an illustrated FML straight away.

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I like how everyone commented on the pictures and not the article itself lol. I honestly don't think any of them read it all the way through, just looked at the drawings.

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