Global Gaffes: FMLs From Around The World

This one's a veritable international doozy. On this week's list, check out FMLs from Australia, Mexico, Israel, Gabon, and France. That's four continents, guys. Wowza.
By Nina / Monday 22 May 2017 11:45 /

Today, after recently moving to Australia, I saw my first kangaroo. In the refrigerated section of the supermarket. FML

By Mavyblondie - / Wednesday 7 December 2011 03:39 / Australia

By LaFrancesa - / Monday 8 July 2013 03:28 / Mexico - Chihuahua


Today, I was delivering pizzas, and mine and many other delivery guys’ dream came true when I knocked and a naked girl opened the door. A 72-year-old girl. FML

By Pizza - / Thursday 1 August 2013 02:40 / Israël - Tel Aviv

By Anonyme - / Monday 10 January 2011 06:29 / Gabonese Republic


Today, I came back from the hospital after back surgery which required putting screws in my spine. My children spent all day trying to stick magnets on my back. FML

By Anonyme - / Sunday 18 September 2016 01:42 / France - Vendenheim

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