For 2017, FML's getting a makeover

Hello dear FMLers. First of all, Happy New Year! We know, we said the same thing at the start of 2016 and it REALLY was a shitty year. But let’s not mull it over too much. Did you had a good holiday? Was Santa generous? That was a rhetorical questi...
By Alan / Wednesday 4 January 2017 09:03 /

Hello dear FMLers. First of all, Happy New Year! We know, we said the same thing at the start of 2016 and it REALLY was a shitty year. But let’s not mull it over too much. Did you had a good holiday? Was Santa generous? That was a rhetorical question, not that we don’t care, but mainly because FML has unleashed the bling and has created a 2017 revamped version of our website, a totally different (but not too convoluted) FML. You send us quality stories all year round, so we wanted to make your FMLs more stylish. We’ll explain this in more detail with a short summary of the makeover.

- The makeover necessarily began with a choice of colors, so there are new ones everywhere. OK, not that many. The two blues used go together like the beautiful ocean and sky of the Moroccan coast, and we added a slightly orangey red which reminds us of the desert, at bit like FML which is populated uniquely by cactuses.

- In addition to colors, the overall design of the site will changed. You will discover new functions, all of it them more clear and with ergonomics worthy of a Top Gun fighter plane. No, there isn’t an “ejector seat" button for the comment trolls, but hopefully there will be soon.

- We’ve also brought a social side to the FML universe. You now have “Your FML", in the shape of a wall for your own personal anecdotes to share with your friends, but of course, without losing the homepage, your moderator votes, which lead to the publication of Almost FMLs, which can then become official FMLs. Yes, it sounds complicated, but it’s really not. To access all this stuff, like your own personal wall of shame (well, the ability to post your own FMLs privately), you’ll need an account. And know that now the account you have on FML will work on all our other websites (like the French and Spanish versions of FML, etc.)

Erm, and what if we're lost? Will everything work?

It might take a short while for you to get used to everything, an adaptation period will be required obviously, not only for you users, but also for certain functions. Such a major change to a website takes time, and there will be a couple of bugs. Which might not even be bugs. Buglets. For example:

- It is possible that some accounts may be duplicated, since everyone is now gathered globally. If you are having trouble signing in to your account, send us a short email to support@fmylife.com

- Your votes will take a long time to be reintegrated, so don't worry if you find that your account seems to not have voted on a lot of FMLs. All this will slowly come back to normal.

- Badges: same thing as for the votes. You’ll see that there are not as many "available" as before. In the end, there will be about 80, but with this launch, everything will not yet be in place and there will not be as many displayed as usual. Don’t worry: you’ll soon be back to hunting and unlocking those badges!

And what about my ranking? I'm Top Gun around here!

For the moderation enthusiasts who keep checking out their position in the ranks, it will no longer be a quarterly chart but a monthly one. We will also organize a Mod of the month contest, with things to win, but we’ll tell you a  bit more about that in a few days. The moderation ranking was reset to zero at the beginning of January, which was expected anyway, so now you can go for it, and vote, vote, vote and in a month, you might win something. We don’t know what yet, but it will be something between the matchbox and a Buick.

Well, that's about it for now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, either in the comments under the article or at contact@fmylife.com.

And lastly... Happy New Year, FML style!

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Top comments
By  species4872  |  17

Just leave it the way it is.

By  species4872  |  17

Just leave it the way it is.

  Catdragon  |  40

I really wish it was left the way it was. Now my precious badges are messed up. I keep getting logged out randomly or access my timeline. All of my fml votes are messed up after spending hours upon hours reading each and every fml. I now have to revote or wait for them to fix that. I was going for the badge vote for every fml and I was like 25% complete. :c

By  kaitekat  |  1

One thing I would like to say: It is really difficult to see the gender on your new design (from what I was of it when it was up), I really prefer the symbols over the people.

By  Exodiafinder687  |  55

I've noticed a few bugs/glitches with the new layout. It seems that the comments have lost all their votes to the point where all comments on old FMLs seem to be rated 0 on both thumbs up and thumbs down. Also, none of the FMLs have my voted saved on them anymore. They don't seem to have my votes of FYL or YDI registered anymore.


Also, a lot of my messages I have sent to friends on here seem to be gone. I still make my messages from about December 24th and back, but anything past that seems to be gone from my messages.

By  ThatHorse  |  15

This new layout is a huge problem for me.

I have to view fml zoomed in due to my poor eyesight, and this new layout breaks at my zoom level. There's buttons covering text on the left hand side, making it tough to read. Also the text is now smaller than it was with the old layout, so I have to zoom in even more, making the rest of the UI disproportionately big.

I don't mind a change, but fix it so I can freaking zoom in please! >_<

By  potatocouch  |  16

How about fixing the app first with its constant crashing and bugs, such as not showing all the comments and replies. This is the reason the app is rated so terribly, but instead you're wasting your time on "bling".

By  AxillIum  |  2

The new layout is exteremely bad.
Not only takes any page at least (and most more than) 10 seconds to load now (I have tested it, it is the site, not my connection or computer), the layout shows way too little information (only three posts on the homepage are visible on an HD+ screen) and everything is way too big (I am able to read everything a few meters from my screen, even though I am nearsighted and do not have the correct lenses yet).

Is the new design meant for i

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