FML's post-Christmas debriefing

Thank tinselled-Christ that that's finished! Christmas 2014 is finally over. We can finally stop grumbling about the endless songs about snow, put the presents away in a closet (or a dumpster) and start to digest the huge amounts of process...
By Alan / Friday 26 December 2014 15:13 /

Thank tinselled-Christ that that's finished! Christmas 2014 is finally over. We can finally stop grumbling about the endless songs about snow, put the presents away in a closet (or a dumpster) and start to digest the huge amounts of processed food that grandma has been force-feeding us. So, how was it for you? People on TV have post-match debates; here on FML we thought we'd have a post-Christmas debriefing, due to the anticlimax a lot of people feel, but are afraid to express out loud for fear of seeming ungrateful. Unless you're a teenager whining that you didn't get the iPhone 6, and telling every social network you can get your ungrateful mitts on that you now hate your parents and that you want to die in a sea of tears, you can tell us all about it on FML. Little kids certainly don't hold back.

Today, my five-year-old son wants to send a complaint letter to Santa, whom he claims left him presents, "so bad that even you dad wouldn't have done this to me." FML

Yes, the age-old present problem. Buying presents is a nightmare. Receving presents gives you nightmares.

Today, my mother-in-law purchased matching Christmas presents for myself and my sister-in-law to open together in front of everyone. Guess who are now the proud owners of matching metal tampon cases. FML

We've all struggled to buy presents for people, and we've all struggled this year too. Despite the internet making it much easier to order stuff in November, you still have to think about who you're buying things for, estimating the risk/cost ratio. What, you don't believe there's a risk involved? Some people go to extremes to avoid having to go through the rigmarole of buying a Christmas present.

Today, I've been considering breaking up with my girlfriend so I don't have to buy her a Christmas present. FML

OK, we don't know whether this last case was more due to the cost, or the risk side. But it's still risky, buying something shitty for someone who previously respected you. You lose that respect just once, and it's gone. The next year, they're giving you something that'll shit all over your apartment and life.

Today, my mother gave me a Christmas present for the first time in 15 years: a dog. Her 16-year-old, untrained, mean dog who wears diapers. FML

Remember, a dog isn't just for Christmas Day. You've got to keep some leftovers for sandwiches the next day. Badum tish. Some people are forced to spend Christmas alone. Some are forced to spend Christmas with other people. Both sides of the coin are equally tretcherous.

Today, I spent the day crying, and ate McDonald's for my Christmas dinner. FML

The trouble with an FML like that is the lack of details. Is this person alone because family and friends are far away, and/or are down on their luck? Or are they alone because they're a total twunt that everyone hates and they actually deserve to be alone in a MickeyD's, crying? No follow-up to this story, so we'll probably never know. On the other hand, another circle of hell could be described as:

Today, I attended my extended family's Christmas dinner. All throughout, my grandmother kept complaining about how the food tasted like crap, and making sexual remarks such as how, "the stuffings were far better in my day, if you know what I mean." FML

No thanks. Luckily, most of us are somewhere in-between. Decent presents, well-meaning relatives, but somewhere along the line, Murphy's Law appears.

Today, my uncle got me a debit card and put one thousand dollars on it for my Christmas present. However, he forgot to activate the card. The receipt with the 14 digit activation code is in the garbage in Colorado. FML

Yes, I know, he got given a thousand bucks. A lot of misguided people will say, "But that's not an FML, his uncle is rich, yadda yadda yadda." Don't do that. You're missing the point of FML entirely when you do that. The point is not to score points in the "My life is worse than yours" contest. The stories are about facepalms, WTFs, headdesks and the things in life that suck. Christmas doesn't suck. And yet it does. The best thing about Christmas (besides "Last Christmas" by Wham! and Billy Idol doing "Jingle Bell Rock") is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from all the family getting together. Or is it?

Today, my mother confronted me about my bird's masturbation problem. We spent Christmas Eve Googling "bird masturbating" and watching videos to see if that was actually what my bird was doing. At least he's having a good Christmas. FML

OK, that's not really a family atmosphere. This is closer to home, with a warmer feel than a randy Christmas parrot:

Today, I waited anxiously until midnight to open my Christmas presents. As the clock struck midnight, I ran out into the living room, super-excited to open them, only to discover that everyone in the house had already opened theirs and had all gone to bed. FML

So, a lot of disappointed/embarrassed/angry/sexy people over the years. We've been going almost 6 years now (our birthday is coming up, get us some presents please), so we've had quite a few Christmas stories. But we want more, so feel free to use the comments section to expand on your Christmas. How was it? Pretend this is a self-help group for the post-Christmas comedown.

We've got New Year's Eve to look forward to now. Shudder.


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  Zenechai  |  2

With boyfriend = not alone. At least you have a boyfriend. If you don't want an alcoholic for a boyfriend, get him into recovery (inpatient if he'll go. The success rates are higher and he won't be around friends who try to get him to drink), and either see him through it, or dump him.

  SMHsohard  |  22

With alcoholic boyfriend=essentially alone. Also, yes, inpatient Rehab works because you aren't around friends with temptations, but unless your loved ones bump off said friends before you get out, you're returning to the same environment that got you into trouble in the first place. Which helps explain the high recidivist rates for Rehab.

By  82681  |  25

Christmas with family really is the worst.

  Already_Dead  |  15

No, Christmas spent all alone is the worst. I would be so happy if I could just be surrounded by people that love and support me, for once. That's all I could ask for. Yes, some families suck or are really messed up, but that's what makes life interesting.

  Marcella1016  |  26

Wish I could upvote you 42 times, #25 :) And to help those who don't get the reference (I, too, hate not getting references), it's from a great book/series called The (Ultimate) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

By  mistress_paz  |  30

My spouse was released from the hospital Christmas Eve then I had to take her back to the Emergency Department Christmas Day for the same medical problem. FHL FML But at least she got 24 hours at home for Christmas though, right?

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