By Anonymous - / Sunday 5 February 2017 13:12 / United States - Lewistown
FML - The follow-up
mishmish5 Say more :
Hi everyone, I'm the OP. I can't believe after all these years I finally got an FML published! I agree with all the comments that this is incredibly sad - for almost a week afterwards I was having flashbacks about the terrible sounds and the sight of blood and hair in the heater. The second the heater started shaking I knew what had happened and tried to turn it off right away. The squeaking stopped...
By poorstupidrat - / Friday 3 February 2017 08:16 / Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Today, I went on a date to an owl sanctuary. Today is also the day I discovered my all-encompassing fear of owls, as I cried and pissed myself in front of my date and 15 other visitors. FML

By No2ndDate - / Saturday 28 January 2017 10:23 / United States - Mount Pleasant
By Anonymous - / Sunday 29 January 2017 21:31 / United States - Gladewater
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