By MissKitty - / Monday 6 March 2017 07:51 /
FML - The follow-up
AkaiKitsune Say more :
Yeah, it's not the only little friend I've found. And considering that when I took the snake to a reptile handler who knew a vet for venomous snakes because it was pretty and I had noticed some scaring, it turned out that the snake had the venom glands removed (improperly and likely illegally) So I really don't think they gave a damn about their animals at all. Yeah, I've found a few dead scorpions,...
By - / Monday 16 January 2017 03:42 /
By mstannyngdogevr - / Friday 24 February 2017 18:05 / United States - Orlando

Today, our family cat died. I had to explain this to my 2 small children, who had no experience with death. I ended up bawling like a baby while they consoled me, telling me she had, "gone to a better place". FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 20 February 2017 14:08 / Canada - Westerose
By DeadlyKitten - / Friday 17 February 2017 11:53 / United States - Springfield
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 14 February 2017 17:11 / United States - Sainte Genevieve
FML - The follow-up
IDidntKillADeer Say more :
OP here, first of all I didn't expect this to get published. I was just blowing off steam on my favorite site. So, for the rude people, no i am not mad the deer didn't die. If anything I'm happy. This happened 3 years ago in Michigan. It was summer and deer weren't known to be around this BUSY road. My insurance did cover the damages. Me and the deer walked away shaken but alright. I had called a officer...
By Oh Deer - / Thursday 9 February 2017 13:40 / United States - Phoenix
By ReptillianFreeloader - / Wednesday 8 February 2017 22:06 / Australia - North Lakes
FML - The follow-up
vaderfc Say more :
OP here. first some bits i had to cut out for lack of room. i had just been dropped off at my truck as id stayed at a relatives house the night before so it was midday just before starting a return shift at truck rest stop and the "didnt bring my debit card" was entirely my fault as i hadnt checked in my rush to leave as id been running late id already got quite far when id realised id left it behind,...
By Anonymous - / Sunday 29 January 2017 20:29 / New Zealand - Auckland
By Anonymous - / Sunday 5 February 2017 13:12 / United States - Lewistown
FML - The follow-up
mishmish5 Say more :
Hi everyone, I'm the OP. I can't believe after all these years I finally got an FML published! I agree with all the comments that this is incredibly sad - for almost a week afterwards I was having flashbacks about the terrible sounds and the sight of blood and hair in the heater. The second the heater started shaking I knew what had happened and tried to turn it off right away. The squeaking stopped...
By poorstupidrat - / Friday 3 February 2017 08:16 / Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Today, I went on a date to an owl sanctuary. Today is also the day I discovered my all-encompassing fear of owls, as I cried and pissed myself in front of my date and 15 other visitors. FML

By No2ndDate - / Saturday 28 January 2017 10:23 / United States - Mount Pleasant
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