FML - The follow-up
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OP here, don't know how to make this comment "OP Official" but anyway. I didn't download or torrent it, it was just a quick search. Apparently there's a huge industry for box office hit themed pornos. Our internet only opened up to a suddenlink page about the "copyright infringement" and all I had to do was check a box that we wouldn't do it again. Problem solved. Mild embarrassment,...
By mrandmrsanon / Monday 2 January 2017 17:23 / United States - Victoria
By bballer4_life / Wednesday 14 December 2016 23:22 / United States - Erie
The illustrated FMLs
By chachichou / Thursday 8 December 2016 03:05 / France - Strasbourg
By The_Life / Wednesday 12 October 2016 13:26 / Australia - Sydney
The illustrated FMLs
By Grandzilla / Friday 9 September 2016 04:10 / France - Ablancourt
By Grandzilla / Friday 9 September 2016 04:10 / France - Ablancourt
FML - The follow-up

Today, I got lost in Darkfall Passage in Skyrim and got so frustrated I turned off the game and cried. Thank you pregnancy hormones. FML

SkyrimGamerMoM Say more :
No worries, end result is clear in my mind. This is number two I'm brewing here, have a one year old already. Just got to where I can enjoy games again though lol will have to take another long break once this little one gets here.
By SkyrimGamerMoM - / Thursday 14 July 2016 19:49 / United States - Verona
By GoAggies / Tuesday 21 June 2016 17:11 / United States - Herriman
By CantWin - / Tuesday 7 June 2016 22:38 / United States - Provo
FML - The follow-up

Today, my husband and I both got smart watches. We were running around, acting like we were in a James Bond movie, having fun. Until our neighbors called the cops on us for hiding in their bushes. FML

nykkymcallister Say more :
This is my FML!! I'm honestly surprised it got published. To add more to this, me and my husband both got smart watched (no not Apple watches) because I had gotten one and he wanted to steal it so I got him one too. I said that we should go around our yard and act like we're in a James Bond movie and he agreed. The neighbors didn't know it was us which is why the cops were called. No charges were pressed...
By nykkymcallister - / Thursday 19 May 2016 03:07 / United States - Baltimore
By dead_painter / Wednesday 4 May 2016 00:42 / United States - Arlington
By Lesser spotted female gaming nerd - / Tuesday 12 January 2016 02:47 / United States - Arlington
By Anonymous - / Friday 18 December 2015 19:58 / Australia - Bentleigh East
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