Today, my boyfriend preferred to delete his account than admit we are in a relationship on Facebook. FML

By lexyloo / Monday 26 September 2011 01:52 / United States

Today, my mom called me a bastard, told me I should run away, and said I don't deserve to live in her house. All because I didn't use a plate when I ate a Poptart. FML

By sadkid / Sunday 25 September 2011 23:23 / United States
By Anonymous / Sunday 25 September 2011 19:18 / United States
By Anonymous - / Sunday 25 September 2011 16:15 / United States
By Anonymous / Sunday 25 September 2011 10:26 / Singapore
By Eric Moore / Sunday 25 September 2011 08:12 / United States

Today, after months of grueling training and countless early mornings, I finally began the race I had been preparing for over the past year, only to slip and break my leg in the first 450 meters. FML

By jc2011 / Sunday 25 September 2011 07:23 / Australia

Today, my girlfriend told me that she's totally convinced I'm gay. When I tried explaining that I can't be if I'm attracted to her, she took it as me thinking she's mannish. FML

By Leenotgay - / Sunday 25 September 2011 04:23 / United States

Today, I bought a lanyard for my new car keys. "Epic Fail" was printed on it. Not two hours after getting it and putting my keys on it, I locked them in my car. I don't have a spare. FML

By Anonymous / Sunday 25 September 2011 04:18 / United States

Today, my father was telling me that one of the benefits about his job was that the family could get discounts, then asked if I'd like some. My dad's a plastic surgeon. FML

By ouch. - / Sunday 25 September 2011 04:17 / United States
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