FML - The follow-up
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In response to why didn't you buy/check/fix it yourself? Answer: I was saving for college, and know nothing about engines. I remembered that it had been broken before, and assumed she didn't have the money to have it fixed- as we were broke most of the time and could barely afford basic necessities.
By dazean / Tuesday 15 November 2011 18:00 / United States
By yuck / Tuesday 15 November 2011 14:38 / United Kingdom
By Anonymous / Tuesday 15 November 2011 10:50 / United States
By SetoAyumi / Tuesday 15 November 2011 08:40 / United States
By MY CAR - / Tuesday 15 November 2011 04:51 / United States
FML - The follow-up

Today, my date threw a fit, burst into tears, and made a huge scene in the middle of a crowded restaurant, all because I offered to pay. FML

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I just now realized that this was posted, and, yes, I do realize that it was more than two months ago. He was actually my friend's old roommate, and she introduced us around a year ago. We didn't really interact that much but I thought that he was nice, so when he asked me out, I decided that I'd at least give him a chance. For the record, it wasn't some elaborate ultra-expensive fancy restaurant,...
By Izamellayella - / Tuesday 15 November 2011 01:29 / United States
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