Today, while I was standing in line at the store, some guy insulted the girl in front of me as he walked past. She turned around and socked me in the face. FML

By Marc / Monday 6 February 2012 21:43 / United States
By Anonymous - / Monday 6 February 2012 21:10 / United States

  Today, I put my boyfriend's t-shirt on and took sexy pictures with nothing else but panties. I then sent him the pictures. His reply was, "Can you wash that when you're done?" FML

By jodibut / Monday 6 February 2012 16:18 / United States

Today, I went to my first party, hoping to maybe meet some people. I was there for 4 hours, and the person/thing that I interacted most with was a cat. FML

By haileypaige123 - / Monday 6 February 2012 15:32 / United States

Today, my downstairs neighbor died. I knew because the smell wafted up to my apartment. FML

By Anonymous / Monday 6 February 2012 10:38 / United States

Today, I had to have a serious talk with my boyfriend about his Miley Cyrus obsession. FML

By Madzison - / Monday 6 February 2012 10:08 / Australia

Today, I found out that the only thing worse than a psycho, overbearing, controlling girlfriend is a psycho, overbearing and controlling ex-girlfriend. FML

By bluesox4 - / Monday 6 February 2012 05:50 / United States

Today, the girl I have a crush on texted me to go out tonight. When I got to her house, she peered at me quizzically and asked, "What do you want? Did I text you?" FML

By hudd357mag - / Monday 6 February 2012 05:35 / United States

Today, while on the bus, I watched a homeless man pop a pimple on his arm and eat it. FML

By dadadoo / Monday 6 February 2012 04:09 / United States
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