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Hey, OP here. I'm finally gonna answer some of your questions: 1. Yes, i do believe it was a set up. The woman and the thiefs were definitely working together. 2. They were old skis, I bought myself a pair of awesome new ones later :) 3. I didn't go skiing alone. I live in Switzerland and was helping a friend of mine -who is an elementary school teacher- as a skiing instructor for his 9 year old school kids. He teaches and lives in a tiny village about an hour from where I live, and since I don'
By magzulism / Friday 13 January 2012 15:30 / Reserved

Today, a guy took me to meet his parents on a second date. I stopped answering his calls afterwards, but he's just left me a voice-mail informing me that he's in love with me. I'm scared. FML

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Im the one who posted this... to all the people calling me a bitch, there was a lot more to the story that I couldnt include in because of the text limit. We just didnt have alot in common, the more I got to know him the weirder he got and he was getting clingy very quickly. Plus his parents were freak, tried to prevent me from leaving their house at one point and freaked me out. OF COURSE I TALKED TO HIM ABOUT IT. Was just trying to figure out what to say when he called and left that voice
By Jessch15 / Friday 13 January 2012 12:45 / United States
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