By Emma Five - / Wednesday 14 March 2012 03:22 / United States
By Simms - / Wednesday 14 March 2012 02:32 / United States
FML - The follow-up

Today, while at work, a man came up to me and screamed that I was the devil's child, pointing at the tattoo on my wrist the whole time. I just stood there while he prayed for my soul. FML

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It was the one on my left wrist of a butterfly and flowers. The other one is a dolphin and flowers. I was unaware that butterflies and dolphins where evil. They were for my Mom and Step-Mom.
By lovefortoday - / Tuesday 13 March 2012 16:50 / United States
By lanu - / Tuesday 13 March 2012 16:13 / United States
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