FML - The follow-up

Today, as a medical student working in a hospital, I asked a patient if he had any questions for me or his physician. His only question: whether or not my breasts are real. FML

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the_true_batman – I may not be a doctor, but that does not make the comments that reference female doctors irrelevant. Female medical students and female doctors face many of the same issues when working in the hospital. A couple of letters behind your name and a longer white coat don’t erase sexism. If you can’t make the mental leap to connect female medical students and female doctors as women in...
By falafalo - / Saturday 14 April 2012 04:08 / United States
By Anonymous - / Saturday 14 April 2012 02:06 / France
By neverakid - / Saturday 14 April 2012 01:01 / United States

Today, after two years of vigorously fundraising on behalf of my senior class, they voted on spending the senior trip money at a waterpark. It's less than thirty minutes from where we all live. FML

By clitty clitty bang bang - / Friday 13 April 2012 22:40 / United States - Brownsville
By Anonymous / Friday 13 April 2012 21:10 / United States - York
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