dcort Say more :
Yes, but it wasn't strong enough to suck the spiders in, so instead they all got scared and ran out....
By dcort / Sunday 8 April 2012 16:39 / United States

Today, it's my 30th birthday. I was having a great night until I overheard my mother say, "I can't believe that thing made it to 30." FML

psychoticbiatch Say more :
No, it wasn't at either of our houses it was at my brothers house, so no, I'm the only 30yr old "thing" there
By psychoticbiatch / Sunday 8 April 2012 13:58 / Australia
GPemTGM Say more :
At #24. I know my grandfather better than anyone. He remembered me when he saw me and asked if my brother was my husband, I told him he wasn't and he smiled. Then later when I told him I was his grand-daughter, that's when he looked disappointed. I love him more than anything it broke my heart.
By GPemTGM - / Sunday 8 April 2012 10:55 / Australia
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