FML - The follow-up
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Hi, OP here. I thought this was pretty straightforward, but since at less 111 people so far say otherwise. . . I work at a hotel. (Why would I be showing rooms of a house, much less mine?) We were slammed because of some game, and I was working 3-11, the busiest shift. This woman and her daughter came in, had a reservation for a double. They wanted to inspect the room first. I was busy, so I gave them...
By naivemisanthrope - / Monday 7 November 2016 19:36 /

Today, a customer complained that one of our cashiers smiles too much. FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 7 November 2016 15:48 /

Today, my step-mom tried to ground me. I met her just yesterday, when she moved in. FML

By invasive species - / Monday 7 November 2016 15:08 /
By megamonster99 - / Monday 7 November 2016 15:06 / United States - Silver Spring

Today, my mother lectured me for not spending enough time with her. We literally just got back from a 10 day vacation together. FML

By shanson / Monday 7 November 2016 14:06 / United States - San Antonio

Today, I spent an hour pulling poop-covered prickles out of my husky's butt. A duck had startled him while he was doing his business and his first thought was to run, mid-poop, into a prickle bush. FML

By Alittlebitiffy - / Monday 7 November 2016 13:51 / Australia
By work hard / Monday 7 November 2016 12:38 / Canada - Petawawa

Today, I have been vomiting for 4 days. Tomorrow, my landlord is insisting on inspecting my flat. I now either have to clean my house whilst trying not to throw up all around it, or fail my inspection. FML

By Homeless? / Monday 7 November 2016 11:07 / United Kingdom - Gloucester

Today, as I was helping a customer, she asked if it was my first day and who was training me. Evidently, I'm bad at my job, because I've worked there for 7 months. FML

By jxfc / Monday 7 November 2016 08:11 / United States - Tracy
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