By shikushiku - / Wednesday 3 August 2016 03:12 / United States - Plano
By BatBee / Wednesday 3 August 2016 02:29 / United States - Princeton
By Jay703 / Wednesday 3 August 2016 02:21 / United States - Woodbridge
By manderz? / Wednesday 3 August 2016 00:18 / United States - Beach Haven
By Chelstable - / Tuesday 2 August 2016 17:57 /
By Anonymous / Tuesday 2 August 2016 14:42 / Germany - Berlin
FML - The follow-up

Today, I found out that the woman who has been secretly sexting my husband for the last two months is my new co-worker. I have to train her. FML

CinnamonBunny Say more :
OP here. Just to clarify: - I found out about the texts a month or so ago when she sent one just as we were cuddling in bed. That was fun. - Husband had not responded to her texts the way she would like, but he hadn't exactly told her to fuck off either. He just kept bleating on about how they were supposed to be friends. Ostensibly it's because they worked together (we all work for an IT company...
By CinnamonBunny / Tuesday 2 August 2016 13:27 /
By TheVagabond_SRG - / Tuesday 2 August 2016 06:46 / United States - Grand Prairie
By what sex life? / Tuesday 2 August 2016 06:26 / United States - Nashville
FML - The follow-up

Today, I was talking with my girlfriend. We both have family issues, so we'd agreed to open up to each other today. Turns out I'm dating my cousin. FML

meltingturtle Say more :
OP here. Here's your follow up. My mom and her brother had a rocky relationship. She moved to the west coast some twenty years ago, and never talks about my uncle. I know of him, but never met him due to problems between them. I moved out of state for college, and met my girlfriend there. I'd only been told I had a cousin once, pretty much in passing. My gf and I were both talking, and she mentioned...
By meltingturtle / Tuesday 2 August 2016 03:25 /
FML - The follow-up
CliffyB03 Say more :
I'm actually surprised this one got published. But it was 90 degrees out, and my hand smelt like boob sweat for a good half hour until I was able to go a scrub my hand clean.
By CliffyB03 / Monday 1 August 2016 21:00 / United States - Coraopolis
FML - The follow-up
holluphollup Say more :
OP here. I'm here to explain this a little better. Ok so first off, I'm under 18 so therefore I can't leave. Second, my mother wants to do this because she wants to be a midwife, and Guatemala has cheap midwifery classes and programs. You might say she's doing this to help us financially, but my dads a doctor so that takes care of itself. Also, my mom has horrible back problems. At times she can barely...
By holluphollup / Monday 1 August 2016 18:01 / United States - Mineola
By reallydevonte - / Monday 1 August 2016 17:30 / United States - Memphis
FML - The follow-up
Marmarfarfar Say more :
I was so shocked and confused I kind of just froze and the person had already walked off before I could even process what happened! My sister was just laughing so hard the whole time. I did pay it forward though!
By Marmarfarfar - / Monday 1 August 2016 17:23 / Canada - Ottawa
By Disappointed Mom - / Sunday 31 July 2016 20:31 / Canada - Calgary
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